Title: Kitchen Pet

Image  4.0Hx4.0W

Woodblock Relief Print

Beach Beauties

Image:   12.0x12.0

Woodblock Relief Print, Hand Colored

Title:  Bird Sanctuary

Image:  12.0x12.0

Wood Block Relief Print, Hand Colored

Title:  Garden Toad

Image  8.5x8.5

Wood Cut Relief  Print,  Hand Colored

Title: Flowery Pups

Woodcut Relief Prints,  Hand Colored

This print is available in many colors.     Image  9.5Hx12W

Title:  Mending Fences

Image    14.0Hx15.75W

Collograph (Framed)

Title:  Mountain Life

Image    15.75x11.0 

Woodcut Relief Print,  Hand Colored

Title:  Little Houses

Image  12.0x48.0

Linoluem Relief Print , Hand Colored



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Title:  Numbered Houses

Image    10.0x8.0

Collograph (one of a kind), Hand Colored

Title:  Kookie Bird

Available in many colors.

Image    6.0x4.0

Woodcut Relief Print, Hand Colored

Title: Bathing Beauties

Image 12.0x12.0

Woodcut Relief Print, Hand Colored

Title:  Beths Garden     

Woodcut Relief Print              Image 12.0Hx31.0W

Blue Bird of Happiness

Woodcut Relief Print

Archival Paper -  Water Based Inks

Image    11.5Hx11W

Title: Perched

Image:  11.5HX11.0W

Woodblock Relief Print, Hand Colored

There are many more prints in my collection.  That is why I encourage you to contact me if you ​have any questions or ideas of what you might be looking for, but not seeing on the image pages.  Very large and very detailed prints are not included on this page.  I am able to send pictures via phone or computer if you are looking for certain color combos, different sizes and also other subject matter.  My desire is to find artwork for you that makes you happy and to enjoy your print everyday with no regrets.  Contact me with any questions or requests, even if it is to just discuss art.  I would love to hear from you.  Commissions are welcome.  Thank you for looking at my website and I hope you enjoyed.   Sincerely, Ruth

Title:  Don't Look Down

Image  10.0x7.5

Linoleum Relief Print,  Hand Colored